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Our Products

        We buy non ferrous metal ore,concentrate and materials,such as copper,nickel,tin,cobalt,moly,tungsten,lead,zinc,
antimony,bismuth,gold, silver etc. And also buy seamless pipe, mill roller. stainless steel sheet and coils(prime& secondary)

        We sell high speed steel(M2/M35 remelted ingot) and high temperature metal scrap, such as inconel718,907 etc.

  • Nickel Tin Ball
  • Cobalt Materials
  • Copper Concentrate
  • Seamless Pipe
  • Roll Scrap
  • Steel Sheet & Coil
  • M2&M35 Ingot
  • Super Alloy Scrap

We Buy

*non ferrous metal scrap, ore,concentrate and raw materials
       1. Nickel Tin matrials(ball,shot,granular,powder etc) with Ni:15%min, Sn:15%min
       2. Nickel material with Ni 20%min,
       3. Tin materials with Sn 15%min
       4. Cobalt materials with Co:15%min
       5. Copper materials with Cu:10%min
       6. Lead materials with Pb:20%min
       7. Zinc materials with Zn: 23%min
       8. Moly materials with Mo:7%min
       9. Tungsten materials with W:10%min
       10. Antimony materials with Sb:20%min
       11. Gold materials with Au:20g/mt min
       12. Silver materials with Ag: 2000g/mt min…

*seamless pipe, mill roller. stainless steel sheet and coils(prime& secondary)
1. seamless pipe
   Alloy Steel pipe: P11, P22, P5, P91, P92, WB36 ;Stainless Steel pipe : 301, 304, 316, 329
2. mill roller
   Backup roll (BUR) ,Intermediate roll (IMR), Work roll (WR)
3. stainless steel sheet and coils(prime&secondary)
   304,316,316L,410,430(regular stock);201,202; order make special grade and shear processing

We Sell

Metal Chemical, high purity metal products, remelted ingot(M2/M35) and scrap
1. Metal Chemical products and high purity metal products: any request could contact us immediately!
2. Remelted ingot(M2/M35)
    Diameter:150mm; Length:700mm,Quantity:50Kg/piece 16pieces/furnace:800KG/furnace
3. High temperature metal xcap, such sa inconel 718,907 etc.

  • Non-Ferrous Metal Ore or Concentrate 1
  • Non-Ferrous Metal Ore or Concentrate 2
  • Spent Catalyst(W,Mo etc)
  • Seamless Pipe
  • Roll Scrap
  • Sreel Sheet & Coil
  • Remelted ingot(M2/M35)
  • High temperature metal scrap,such as inconel 718,907 etc

Company Profile

       Shanghai KTD Industries is a rapid growth of trading company based on non ferrous metal scrap, ore, concentrate, raw materials, steel processing and steel
scrap recycling.

      We also have our own smelting factory for Nickel and Tin and build good relationships with other smelting, recycling and chemical factories for processing, buying and selling the materials.

      Our experience in the business line is already over ten years. Markets have already spread to Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the United States, UK, Europe and Mexico etc.

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Company Name: Shanghai KTD Industries
Add:Room 1302,No.10,Lune803,Shuangcheng Road,Baoshan District,Shanghai,China
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